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TN visas are valid for three years. However, these visas can be renewed indefinitely, so as long as you continue working as a nurse, you can renew your visa and stay in the United States as long as you like.

Yes, TN visas can be renewed every three years. There is no limit to how many times you renew a TN visa. The only requirement is you must continue to work as a nurse.

If you obtain a TN visa, your spouse and any of your unmarried children under the age of 21 will be eligible to come with you to the United States. They be required to obtain TD visas, which should easily be granted once you have a job offer and your TN visa.

If your family members come to America under a TD visa, they will be unable to work. However, they can go to school and study. If they want to work in America, they will need to change to a different type of visa.

The healthcare organizations we partner with in America will provide you with temporary housing when you first start your job to help you get settled. Mostly likely, you will stay in an apartment complex with other Careera nurses. We will pay for your housing for the first 90 days. During this time, we will provide you with resources, so you can find a permanent place to live where you feel happy and safe.

Working with Careera is free because you are committing to work with one of our healthcare partners for three years. We do our best to make sure all of our nurses are placed with companies where they will be happy and thrive. However, we understand situations may arise where nurses want or need to return to Mexico. In these situations, we will work with nurses on a case-by-case basis. It is possible your employer may ask you to pay back travel expenses or visa application fees depending on how long you’ve worked for them. 

Nursing salaries vary state to state, largely based off the cost of living. The starting salary for nurses is $48/hour in California, $27/hour in Idaho, $32/hour in Nebraska and $35/hour in Oregon. In all of these cases, nurses may make more per hour depending on their experience and qualifications.

In the United States, you can expect your employer benefits to include health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off. Benefits vary by company. Careera can provide you with detailed benefit packages for each of the organizations we partner with in America before you accept a job offer.

Everyone’s path to successfully obtaining a TN visa and working in the United States is a little bit different, so timing varies person to person. It is safe to anticipate the process taking at least three to six months. However, it may take longer if you are not proficient in English or run into challenges getting your proof of graduation from your university.

The H2B visa requires you to work full-time while you are in America, which equates to 36 to 40 hours per week. However, individuals who are interested in voluntarily working more may be able to eligible for paid overtime opportunities. After working 40 hours a week, employees get paid time and a half for every hour they work. Most of the H2B visa employment opportunities with our healthcare partners in the United States involve working as a nursing assistant or in housekeeping. Day and nighttime shifts are available.    

If you don’t have your nursing degree yet, keep studying and working hard. If you meet all of the necessary nursing requirements but need help with your English skills, reach out to us through our website. We have English classes available for our qualified candidates. Additionally, look for every opportunity to practice English and work on your language skills on your own. Use language apps, find people to practice with and don’t give up!

In order to pass the necessary entry exams required for a TN visa, you will need to speak English proficiently. Careera does have opportunities to come to America for shorter periods of time under an H2B visa. Those opportunities do not necessarily require the same language skills.

Our powerful partnerships with reputable healthcare companies in the United States are the reason why we can provide our services free of charge to you. The institutions we work with in the United States are facing nursing shortages, which is making it hard for them to continue providing care for their patients. They are willing to pay your testing and application fees for your TN visa, travel expenses and housing for the first 90 days you are in America, as long as you commit to working for them for three years.

We want our nurses to end up in supportive, rewarding work environments, so we only partner with healthcare companies that our team has personally vetted. We interview the leadership teams, meet with employees and see the facilities for ourselves to ensure we partner with institutions that will take care of our nurses. Currently, we are proud to offer you exciting career opportunities in California, Idaho, Oregon and Nebraska.

For the first three months you are in the United States, Careera will provide you with housing near your employer. Before you can start working, you will need to obtain your nursing license and apply for your social security number. Your employer and the Careera team will help get this process started as soon as you arrive. Typically, it takes a few weeks. During this time, you can start exploring your new community, searching for permanent housing and adjust to life in a new country.

The cost of living in America varies by where you live and is different state to state. Here is a look at the average cost of living for the state’s where Careera offers opportunities:

California is the third most expensive state in the country with annual expenditures totaling $92,093. While the state ranks higher for expenses in many categories, housing is particularly costly. 


Idaho’s cost of living is lower than the national average with annual expenditures totaling $66,660. Expect to pay less for groceries and housing in the Gem State. 


Oregon has an annual cost of living of $81,117, which is higher than the national average. 


Nebraska is one of the top 12 cheapest states to live in the country. The annual cost of living is $61,507, which is 8% less than the national average.


This data was reported by GoBankingRates and comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The cost of living was calculated looking at the costs of housing, utilities, groceries, healthcare, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. 


It is important to note that nursing salaries also vary by state. Typically, states with higher cost of living expenses pay higher salaries.

Mexican nurses can legally work in the United States under a TN visa. Careera will help you apply for your visa and place you with a secure, well-paying job in America.

Careera will help you become a nurse in America and pay almost all of the expenses needed to secure your TN visa – from study courses to exam fees to travel costs. However, you will have to pay to secure your passport. Additionally, if immediate family members are traveling with you to the United States, you will need to pay for their travel expenses.